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Photo Canvas Prints:

Canvas Print Samples

We have taken the time and effort to source the best available supplier of canvas printing. We believe we deliver the best available product at a competitive price. The canvas is water-resistant and 100% cotton and when combined with the pigment inks used have been independently tested to last for well over 100 years without fading.

All canvas prints produced include (at no extra charge):

  • Stretching
  • Gallery Wrap
  • Black & White or Sepia conversion (if required)
  • Protective Spray coating
  • Colour and density enhancement (if required)
  • 40mm stretching bars to give better 3D effect (normally only 25mm)


We use the latest digital technology to print your photographs or artwork, with the best quality cotton canvas, pigment inks, laminate coatings and stretching bars available.

Your scanned negative, slide, print or digital camera files are printed directly onto the highest quality digital coated canvas.

As well as the front, your image is printed and wrapped on all sides of the canvas to give it that standout appearance on a wall. A gallery Wrap.

We use water resistant, 100% cotton canvas and archival pigment ink, in conjunction with a final liquid laminate coating, to ensure your canvas is UV protected and colour stable for well over 100 years..

You can even use a damp cloth to clean your canvas.

Your final canvas is presented custom hand stretched on quality kiln dried pine frames then strung ready to hang and enjoy.

An information sheet describing cleaning and handling procedures is attached to the back of every canvas print.

Canvas prints are a contemporary new way of displaying your favourite photograph or artwork.

A photographic canvas really makes a statement on your wall, the gallery wrap gives an impression of depth and when walked past is really quite unique.

Please take care when choosing your photo. A clear and in-focus photo produces better results. We do use specialised software and techniques to allow enlargements on a larger scale.

If your image is unsatisfactory or a very small file, we can apply special filters to give it a water-colour, "painted" look, to hide pixelation and graininess.

Canvas Pricing (ready to hang)    
Canvas Size (inch / cms)
8"x10" 20x25cm
8"x12" 20x30cm
11"x14" 28x35cm
12"x16" 30x40cm
12"x18" 30x45cm
16"x20" 40x50cm
16"x24" 40x61cm
20"x24" 50x61cm
20"x30" 50x75cm
24"x30" 61x75cm
24"x36" 61x91cm
30"x45" 76x114cm
40"x60" 102x152cm
50"x75" 127x190cm
55"x82" 152x228cm
8"x8" 20x20cm
10"x10" 25x25cm
12"x12" 30x30cm
16"x16" 40x40cm
20"x20" 50x50cm
24"x24" 61x61cm
30"x30" 75x75cm
36"x36" 91x91cm
40"x40" 102x102cm


16"x32" 40x81cm
20"x40" 50x116cm
30"x60" 76x152cm
40"x80" 102x204cm



Price Calculator:

For non standard sizes - add required length and width and use the united inches (cms) table below to calculate price.
Approx. Size United Inches United Cms Price
8"x12" 20" 50cm $110.00
  24" 60cm $125.00
11"x14" 26" 66cm $125.00
12"x16" 28" 71cm $125.00
12"x18" 30" 76cm $125.00
  34" 86cm $155.00
16"x20" 36" 91cm $155.00
  38" 96cm $185.00
16"x24" 40" 101cm $185.00
  42" 106cm $215.00
20"x24" 44" 111cm $225.00
  48" 122cm $250.00
20"x30" 50" 127cm $250.00
  54" 137cm $325.00
  56" 142cm $375.00
24"x36" 60" 152cm $385.00
  64" 162cm $415.00
30"x40" 68" 172cm $425.00
  70" 177cm $465.00
  74" 188cm $495.00
30"x45" 76" 193cm $495.00
  80" 203cm $545.00
  86" 218cm $585.00
30"x60" 90" 228cm $625.00
40"x60" 100" 254cm $750.00
  110" 279cm $850.00
  120" 304cm $950.00
50"x75" 125" 317cm $1095.00
55"x82" 137" 348cm $1495.00
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Canvas Printing - FAQs


What formats do the images need to be in to be made into a canvas?

A digital file, any form of negative or slide, any of your photos or artwork.
We use the latest equipment to scan all of these media to a high resolution file ready for printing.

Do you fix marks and blemishes?

Not only do we fix all marks, scratches and blemishes FREE of charge, but we will also adjust tones and colour to enhance your photo at no extra cost to you.

What is a Gallery Wrap?

A gallery wrap is when the photo is printed around the edges of the frame to give it the appearance of depth when hanging on a wall.
You need to remember to leave a little space around the main subject to fit a gallery wrap in. If your picture is a bit close to the edge we have a few techniques to bleed the image around to make space.

How is the canvas mounted?

The canvas is professionally stretched onto quality kiln dried pine bars. A drawstring is attached and finishing tape applied to the rear, your canvas is complete and ready to hang.

How long will a canvas last?

We use pigment inks on acid free cotton canvas and laminate it with UV inhibitors.
These products have been lab tested to around 75 years provided they are not subject to direct sunlight.

How do you print the canvas?

We print your pictures with the latest in large format digital printers. The use of 100% cotton, water-resistant canvas with an acid free digital coating and pigment inks allow your canvas to be fade free for well over 75 years. For even more peace of mind, we coat your printed canvas with a liquid laminate that utilises Ultra Violet inhibitors. This also allows you to be able to clean your canvas with a damp cloth without fear of damage to your print.

What if I don't have a digital camera?

You don't need a digital camera to make a superb canvas. We will digitise any negative slide or any sized print to make your special canvas for you.

What if my file is too small?

The larger, sharper and better exposed the file, the better the result. Don't be dismayed if your file is too small as we have quite a few different techniques through our specialised software that will allow reasonable results from the smallest of files.
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