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DVD Photo Slideshow

DVD Slideshow

What is a DVD Photo Slideshow?

We take your digital camera files, 35mm slides, 35mm negatives and prints in any combination and produce a DVD which can be shown on your TV, video projector or computer. The images remain on the screen for about 4 seconds then fade into the next image. The DVD slideshow can be looped for continuos play-back if required.

Consider a DVD Slideshow when you wish to:

  • Celebrate special birthdays and anniversaries.
  • Remember and share lives at funeral and memorial services.
  • Share special occasions with family and friends.
  • Document the history of your family, your company, or your life.

Why not give a unique gift that your friends, family or colleagues will never forget?

See right-hand sidebar for examples of using DVD slideshows.


Pricing of DVD Slideshows

Note: DVD Slide Shows can be made from your digital photos, negatives, slides and prints including printed material such as certificates, memorabila etc.
A DVD Slide Show is made from digital image files. Thus slides, negatives and printed material must first be scanned to a digital image file before they can be used in a DVD Slide Show. See below for price structure.
Pricing to convert digital image files to a DVD Slideshow
Up to 50 digital image files to DVD
For additional files over 50
20¢ per file
Note: Images will play for 4 secs then fade into the next image or at a duration of your choice without sound. (2 hours maximum per DVD)
Additional cost for scanning prints, slides and negatives to a digital file.*
1 - 9
10 +
- Unmounted prints from business card size to 8”x10”
- Mounted prints and prints smaller than
business card size and larger than 8“x10”
*For all scanning from prints, slides and negatives there is a single Cd Burn fee of $7.95. You recieve this CD of printable high resolution image files including CD case insert with thumbnail images in addition to your DVD slideshow.
Additional copies of DVD
2 +

Order Prepartion:

  • Choose your photos wisely.  It's the most essential task. Make it easier by sorting your favorite and highest quality shots. Don't worry about scratches or other damage; we can probably handle it.  But leave out any out of focus or grainy photos. Obtain a total photo count.
  • Number each photo to indicate the desired play order. To label, use Post-It Notes® or lightly mark with a pencil on the back side. Never use marker on your photos. If you are providing digital files, rename each file with the number (i.e. 027.jpg).  Stickerss can be applied to the protective sleeves you'll use for slides and negatives.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What else can be scanned into my DVD slideshow?

A. We can scan several types of items as long as they are flat and 8.5X14 or less. Some items include: drawings from children, diplomas, awards, letters, etc.

Q. Can the slideshow be played on a computer/laptop?
Certainly!  Custom DVD Slideshow provides you with a DVD that is compatible in both your home DVD player as well as your computer.  As long as your computer had a DVD drive, you will be able to view your slideshow on it.


Q. Can I get more than one DVD with my order?

A. Yes, see additional copies of DVD above. A great value for gift giving!


Q. What transitions between photos are used?

A. Through our experiences, we have found that the best DVD slide shows are the simplest. We typically fade from one photo to the next in the slide show because we feel it is the most elegant transition and looks the best and is the least tiring to the eye. However if you have a special request we can certainly try to work with you to meet your needs.


Q. What is a DVD slide show?

A. It is a movie made up of images from your digital camera files or that we have scanned from your slides, negatives or prints (or a combination of all four). So unlike a "old fashioned" slide show you don't have to press a button to view the next slide, the next slide will automatically be shown after 4 seconds. If you want to spend longer with a particular image simply use the Pause button of your remote control.