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Our Printing on Display

This page is to showcase some our customers (and staff) that have exhibited their photography and where we have been involved in printing, framing and mounting the display prints.


Suzi Duncan Exhibition

Glen Eira Gallery, Malvern






Photographer Suzie Duncan is a dynamic inspiration to all. Suzie contracted polio as an infant, a disability that would have slowed most people to a placid lifestyle. Suzie basked in the challenges of life. She trained as a dietician, worked in a leper colony in India, climbed Mount Everest to a height of 19,000 feet and joined Community Aid Abroad.
After a failed major hip operation, Suzie decided to learn how to fly – and later established Vision Air, which was to become Wheelies with Wings.
Suzie Duncan’s aerial photographs of Australia , its deserts, rivers, mountains and coastlines are breathtakingly beautiful and reflect the complex fractal networks that are omnipresent on Mother Earth.


"From Lago Maggiore to Spring Creek"

A Photoghaghic Exhibition by Chelsea Sipthorp

The Atrium, Federation Square and The Convent Gallery in Daylesford


Australia's Oldest Italian Building, the Old Macaroni Factory, turns 150 years old this year and this exhibiton pays homage to this historical site located at Hepburn Springs. The property is still in the hands of a descendant of the Lucini family, Maria Viola. www.macaronifactory.com

Photographer, Chelsea Sipthorp was born in Melbourne 1976. After seven years abroad Chelsea returned to Australia and this is her first solo exhibition and follows the challenging project that Chelsea undertook of the Old Macaroni Factory in the past 12 months.