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Passport Photos

Passport Samples

Passport Photos from Photo Color.
We guarantee acceptance and we will take your photo until you are happy with the preview.

If you're traveling you'll need up-to-date photos for passports, visas and international drivers licences. We can produce perfect passport pictures quickly and professionally. We know the requirements and will ensure your pictures meet the current sizing, composition and expression standards.

- You preview the photo before we print it.
- No appointment necessary.
- Ready in minutes.
- Most passport and visa sizes available.

We can produce passport pictures for all countries including the US and Canada who have special sizing and certification requirements.


No. of photos
New born to toddler
Australia, NZ, UK, EU, (35x45mm) white
8 Photos
from $25.00
Malaysian (35x45mm) light blue b/g
8 Photos
from $30.00
Indian (35x35mm) white b/g
8 Photos
from $30.00
US, China & Canada and all other countries with special sizes and size and background colour requirements
6 photos
from $30.00
Additional sets at 50% discount
Passport Links - For individual Country's requirements click on the links below
Australia here
New Zealand here
United States here
United Kingdom here

For Worldwide Requirements for Passport Photos: Click here