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Video & Movie Film Transfer to DVD:


Digitally transferring your movie film or video tape to DVD will be one of the most important things you do — for yourself, your family, your kids ... and your kids' kids!

8mm movie film to DVD:

Setup charge (once per order) $55.00
Plus per minute charge $4.20 per minute
Or per foot charge or $0.28 per foot
Note: The small Kodak Super 8 tapes are 3 mins 20 secs or 50 feet and thus work out at $14.00 per reel plus the single per order setup fee of $55.00.

Video cassettes to DVD:

VHS (up to 2 hours per DVD) $50.00
S-VHS (up to 2 hours per DVD) $50.00
Video 8 (up to 1.5 hours per DVD) $50.00
VHS C (up to 1.5 hours per DVD) $50.00

Mini DV (up to 1 hours per DVD)

DVCAM (PDVM-40N) (up to 40 mins per DVD) $60.00

Digital Video Files:

Movie files from media cards (min. of $50.00) $2.25 per min (min. $50.00)
DVD RAM discs (up to 2 30-minute discs) $50.00
Hard dics (up to 1 hour per DVD) $50.00

Included with DVD:

Title up to 30 characters  
Basic menu with scene selection and play button  
Supplied in plastic case with titled cover  
Chapter marks at 10 minute intervals  
All DVD produced at 720x576 PAL format.  
All audio as 48k stereo file  


Music (easy listening background music) $20.00 per hour
Extra title characters $1.95 per character
Additional copies of DVD $25.00
Personalized cover and label $25.00
Personalized menu system $25.00
Editing (up to30 minutes)

          - Additional minutes of editing

$1.75 per minute

Reel Size Calculation:

Reel size Length of film Duration of film
2.75 inch reel 50 feet 3 min 20 secs
5 inch reel 200 feet 13 mins 20 secs
7 inch reel 400 feet 27 mins
900 feet of film per 60 minutes