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Elves and Pixies

Curious little boys and girls are transformed into magical elves and pixies in an enchanting fantasy realm.

Ever been curious to know what your little bundle of mischief would look like as a magical creature?
Set them off on an adventure with our Elf and Pixie service: We will take your little boy or girl on a journey to a fun fantasy land sprinkled with pixie dust, through magical glades and streams.

Choose from three magical templates and two the suit colours.

Bring in a photo taken with a similar pose* to our samples.

Select a size and we will do the rest.

Jungle Mushroom
Mushroom House
Jungle Bridge
Select suit colour

Pricing (printed on Kodak Professional Endura Paper)

Size: Price:
12"x16" / 12"x18" $129.95
15"x18" / 16"x20" $139.95
16"x24" / 20"x24" $144.95
20"x28" / 20"x30" $149.95
Elves and Pixies can also be printed as a stretched canvas. Canvas prints are priced at $110.00 for the graphic design plus the canvas print price. (refer canvas price list)

*Guidelines for posing your child for Elf and Pixie transformation:

Pose should be as the example shown above.
Preferred clothing is shorts and tank top with hands and feet visible. For best results sit child on a hard surface.