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Put together a vision, bit by bit...

Mosaics are among the oldest forms of portraiture, and bring a classic touch to your homes. We recreate a mosaic of your photos to capture the look of antiquity and refinement. A mosaic on the wall will speak volumes about your refined taste in the arts. Let us put together your vision, piece by colorful piece.

Pricing (printed on Kodak Professional Endura Paper)

Size: Price:
12"x16" / 12"x18" $129.95
15"x18" / 16"x20" $139.95
16"x24" / 20"x24" $144.95
20"x28" / 20"x30" $149.95
Mosaics can also be printed as a stretched canvas. Canvas prints are priced at $110.00 for the graphic design plus the canvas print price. (refer canvas price list)
Note: Your image will not be retouched or cropped.

Sample Mosaics: