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Pop Art:

Make your photos pop!

Our Pop Art service transforms your photos into striking modern art, a perfect addition to your home decor.

Pop Art prints are available as a single panel, four panel, six panel vertical and six panel horizontal layouts and a large range of sizes to suit your requirements.

(see below for examples)


Pricing (printed on Kodak Professional Endura Paper)

Size: Price:
12"x12" / 12"x18" $129.95
15"x18" / 16"x16" / 16"x20" $139.95
16"x24" / 20"x20" / 20"x24" $144.95
20"x28" / 20"x30" / 20"x32" $149.95
Pop Art layouts can also be printed as a stretched canvas or canvas groupings. Canvas prints are priced at $110.00 for the graphic design plus the canvas print price. (refer canvas price list)

Layout Options

PopArt original
Pop Art 6 panel vertical
Six Panel vertical
Popart single
Pop Art 6up horizontal
Six panel horizontal
Pop Art 4up
Four panel

What type of photos work the best with this process?

The ideal photo is a good quality headshot of the person or a close up of a pet or object. They should also have the following characteristics:

• Good lighting. For this process it is better if the light comes from the back of the photographer and facing the subject. Try to avoid dark shadows on the face of the subject.

• Good contrast and brightness. Make sure the photo is not under exposed (too dark) or over exposed (too bright or too white).