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PhotoBooks - Designed Instore

Photobook Instore

Use a photobook to remember and share a life, holiday, special birthday or anniversary, kids growing up, or any special occasion or event.

After considerable testing we have now choosen the software to make photobooks instore. We believe this software provides the simpliest most intuitive method of producing your photobook while still having a superior range of features and options.
Simply bring your digital images into the store and we will get you creating your photobook. (We also offer a service of making up your entire book for you.)

The key to making your book in the shortest time is some preparation.


1. Select the photos for you book (a few extras may be handy, but for the quickest preparation only bring the images you require). To create a Photobook you need digital image file as from a digital camera. To make a photobook from prints, negatives and slides they must first be scanned to convert them into digital image files. (See table below for additional cost for this conversion).

At this point depending on the quality and subject of your images you may decide to have your images corrected for colour and density. We can do this for you and it ensures the photos in your book have a consistent and accurate colour and density. This is particularly important where skins tones are involved for example wedding, children and baby photos. Images can be corrected and burnt onto a CD for 25 cents per image (minimum 80 photos).


2. Have the images in the order you wish to have them in the photobook and rotated correctly. Save the images in one folder.

We have image managing software which will easily allow you to do this.

When we have your images setup as above we will set you up on one of our photobook computers and with very little instruction we find most people can produce their book in a very short time.

12"x12" Hardcover Photobook sample: (click on page corners to turn pages)


12"x12" PhotoBook Pricing

First Copy
Additional Copies
12"x12" 20 Pages*
Extra Pages*
Extra Pages*
*Note: A book page is one side only.
Sample templates for our Classic Style 12"x12" Photo Book
Additional cost for scanning prints, slides and negatives to a digital file.*
1 - 9
10 +
Prints: (includes correcting colour, density and redeye and cropping to remove print edges which if not removed will show up in the photobook. For additional retouching or restoration ask for separate quote.
- Unmounted prints from business card size to 8”x10”
- Mounted prints and prints smaller than
business card size and larger than 8“x10”
*For all scanning from prints, slides and negatives there is a single Cd Burn fee of $6.95. You recieve this CD of printable high resolution image files including CD case insert with thumbnail images in addition to your Photobook.