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PhotoBook - 8"x12" Archival Single-sided


PhotoBook 8"x12"

Archival single sided PhotoBook are the real addition to standard photos!

Using real photographic paper for a book you will have for years to come.

Designed in minutes and so easy!!!
Forget the time-consuming design process of so many photobook programs, with our new in-house kiosk system you can design a photobook in about 5 minutes. The cleverly designed software creates page layout automatically depending on the quantity and orientation of your photos. No cropping or positioning is required (unless you want to).
Of course if you want to you can edit individual photos and pages, add text and styles, use photos as backgrounds, move photos between pages etc etc.
To create a PhotoBook in 5 minutes you would need to bring in only the photos you require in the PhotoBook (selecting photo on the kiosk is easy but will add time depending on how many photos you have to sort through).
Then the only decisions you need to make are the theme of the backgrounds, the main image for the first page and how many pages you want (this depends on your number of photos and approximately how many you want on each page).
10 Page 8"x12" PhotoBook (Single Sided) $49.95
Additional 8"x12" Pages (Single Sided) $2.95

Sample pages:

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Rob's India PhotoBook: The only changes made to this photobook from the automatic setup (using the Vacation - Sand Background Set) was to change to background to an image on several pages and add an extra page and move a single image to one page (camel).