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Grid Collage Poster Prints


Ideal for displaying photos with a theme:

- hobbies

- holidays

- collections

- birthdays

- anniversaries

- sports

- pets

- kids etc.

We offer 4 styles of grid collage poster prints designed for:
  • 16 vertical photos
  • 16 horizontal photos
  • 25 vertical photos
  • 25 horizontal photos
Simply select either 16 or 25 all vertical or all horizontal photos and a title and we will make you a grid collage poster print.

Pricing for Grid Collage Poster Prints*:

Graphic design: $110.00
                plus photo print price or canvas print price as required.
See Poster Print pricing for standard photo prints
See Canvas Print Pricing for canvas prints

Print sizes for bordered and titled collages -

- Vertical collages are 20”x28”

- Horizontal collages are 20”x26”

*A scanning fee applies to collages from prints, negatives or slides.