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Print Montage:


Let us turn your great photos into a stunning and professional display.

Montage Samples

We have a range of print montage designs which we can tailor to suit your photos.


Photo montage prints can be ideal from photos you have commissioned from a photographer that provides you with a copyright-free CD of your photo shoot. We can create a montage layout for a fraction of the cost charged by photographers that provides a completed service.

We make montage prints in two basic styles:

1. Separate image montage where around 3 to 4 images are laid out in a pleasing grouping.

2. Inset montage where around 2 to 3 smaller photos are inseted into one large image.

With both styles we can add text (for example name and date)


Things to consider when choosing images for montages.

- Consistent backgrounds usually work best

- Look for pictures that can be cropped - square format images are attractive.

- For the large image in an inset montage there must be area for smaller prints. Usually the left, bottom or right hand sides work best.

Print Montage Pricing with 3 to 4 photos with name & date if required.
Graphic design: $110.00
                plus photo print price or canvas print price as required.
See Poster Print pricing for standard photo prints
See Canvas Print Pricing for canvas prints
For a collage with more than 4 images a surcharge of $15.00 per image applies