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Print Scanning

Our scanning services are divided into catagories depending on the type of orginal print you have for scanning.
- Standard scanning is where the orginal prints are between 2”x3” and 8”x12” and are unmounted, flat, clean, glue & tape free.
- Special Scanning where the original prints are very small and up to 8”x12” and are sticky, damaged, mounted or pasted in albums.
- Large size Scanning where the orginal print is larger than 8“x12”

Standard Scanning from unmounted prints

(including bulk or shoebox scanning)

Scans from original prints between 2”x3” and 8”x12” which are unmounted, flat, clean, glue & tape free.
No. of scans
1 - 5
6 - 99
100 - 499
over 500
Price per scan
plus $7.95 for CD Burn
Note: Standard scans are not corrected, rotated, ordered or cropped (borders included).
For standard scanning where scans are correctly rotated, borders cropped and in specified order as required.
(For example this is required for making DVD slide presentations or printing directly without cropping)
Add $0.50 per scan
Special Scanning for mounted or damaged prints
Scans from original prints up to 8”x12” which are sticky, damaged, mounted or pasted in albums.
Add $5.00 per scan to standard scanning price
Large size Scanning
Scans from original prints larger than 8”x12”
$10.00 / A4 section + $7.95 CD burn
Photograph originals up to 20"x30"
$25.00 per original + $7.95 CD burn

Why scan?

The resulting files can be used for:

- Printing - Archiving family history - Sharing CDs and DVDs
- Creating DVD movies and PowerPoint presentations - Adding photos to your website
- Providing easy access to your images - Restoring and modifying images
- Creating collages, greeting cards, album and scrapbook pages

CDs and DVDs are convenient, and they make great gifts. Now you can turn a lifetime of photos into a convenient disc, and make extra copies for all the members of the family.


Additional Information about standard or shoebox scanning:

We scan your photos at 400 dpi which will allow you to print to double the size of the original print with virtually no loss of quality. (nearly at other bulk scanner supply only 300 dpi scans)

The finished product consists of digital files on a data CD/DVD. It can be displayed as a slide show using Windows XP/Vista and clicking “view as a slide show.” The photos are not always turned the same direction (unless you have selected the rotate upright option) but can be rotated using Windows XP or any photo editing software.

If you’re a digital photo enthusiast, you can use these “digital copy negatives” to build a DVD slide show or a web site or add photos to your books and letters.

For photos that are in need of repair or restoration see our restoration service.

Order Preparation:

Prepare your photos for scanning by removing them from envelopes. All Post-It notes, tape or adhesives must be removed.

If you face all the pictures the same way, we’ll try to keep them all heads up. However, we may have to turn some to feed through the scanner (see rotate upright option)