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Scanning - Prints, Negatives and Slides

We offer print scanning, negative scanning and slides scanning services.

See the tabs below for details of each service.

Scanning Negs Slides and Prints

Why Scan? So you can

- Print - Archive family history - Share photos & CDs
- Create DVD movies and PowerPoint presentations
- Easy access to your images - Stop film degradation
- Create collages, greeting cards, album and scrapbook pages
- Restore & modify images

Negatives and slides are scanned at 2000 dpi. All negative and slide scans are colour and density corrected and processed with Kodak Digial ICE* to reduce dust and surface scratches.(Note:Very large scratches and large embedded dirt can not be removed by Digital ICE. Also Digital ICE cannot be used with B&W film.)

*KODAK DIGITAL ICE Technology works from within the scanner to detect and reduce dust and surface scratches without softening, blurring, or altering the image.


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